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Wake Up Florida | Stephanie Lichtenstein

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Wake Up Florida

October 29th, 2009 · Comments · #AdvertisingTax, affiliate marketing

Regardless of the state, the advertising tax affects us all. The state of Florida hits close to home. The news is not a surprise but what does shock me is the lack of action. What do I mean by that? Well during conferences the advertising tax sessions were not nearly as full as the social media sessions for example. I get riled up about the advertising tax because it messes with our livelihoods. The first step is awareness and education. Each person can help in different ways.

Back in April, I met with my Florida State Representative Julio Robaina. I even asked for statistics from the networks because I wanted something to back up what I was saying. Back then people thought since I wanted this information that Florida was one of the states being affected. Well at that time it wasn’t but I knew it would come up at some point. The idea is to be proactive.

My point is, please do not wait until it hits your state. As you may have seen already earlier today, Melanie Seery from Affiliate Advocacy (formerly Affiliate Voice) made a post regarding the advertising tax in the State of Florida. Thank you to Mellie for staying on top of things and keeping us informed. I bet many people are in a state of panic right now because it is their state.

Do not fear, we are in this together! I have put together all the statistics that you may need when contacting your local state representatives. Not only that but I have a list of people that care and want to fight with you. You are not alone and the homework has been done for you.

The State List is available in the Facebook group: Fight Against the Advertising Tax. You can contact anyone through Facebook and get on a conference call to put a plan of action together. Jason Rubacky and I both left Florida for Chicago and New York. That does not mean we care any less about Florida. Count us in to help you out!

Florida Resources:

Florida State List:
Brian Breslin, Christine Adolf, Joshua Grossman, Missy Ward,
Jacques Kevin, Emilio Yepez, Dean Bairaktaris, Carlos Miller, SouthBeachAnnie, Jason Rubacky, Katia Lichtenstein, Brad A Schenck, Diane Tillison, David Lithman, Patrick Grady, Thomas Taulbee, Stephanie Lichtenstein, Michael Vorel, Dina Riccobono, Pedro Sostre, Jon Nunez.

For detailed information on the status of the Florida advertising tax. Please read Mellies post: Get ready Florida - Internet sales tax update at Affiliate Advocacy.

Step by Step information on what to do next. I made a detailed list on what you can do to help: The Tools You Need.

Shawn Collins also made an informative post: Florida State Senator Detert Aims to Cripple Small Business.

Statistics and Map of Florida provided by LinkShare:

Educational Video:
In this video I am discussing the urgency of the advertising tax. The video was filmed back in August and was released this month by Money Talks News. FYI the advertising tax went through in North Carolina. Word of mouth is powerful and I’m happy I could be a part of it.

Disclaimer: The PMA referred me to Money Talks News as someone who could represent the State of Florida. I am not an employee or PMA representative the video details were posted in error. My posts are my own opinion nothing I post is influenced by the PMA or Affiliate Advocacy.

I make myself available to support anyone and any organization that advances the improvement of the industry. We are in this ongoing fight together. If you have any ideas on how you can help fight the advertising tax and spread awareness please share them!

The PMA posted this update tonight: Florida advertising tax scare not so fast. That is good news but in my opinion this doesn’t mean not to do anything about it. I always think the proactive approach will work better for the long run.

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