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Top Ten Things On My Mind This Month | Stephanie Lichtenstein

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Top Ten Things On My Mind This Month

February 17th, 2010 · Comments · #AdvertisingTax, affiliate marketing, affiliate summit

I have been out of the Country for a while. What has been going on in my mind this past month? There have been a lot of things going on in my life, our industry, and in technology. I want to share the top ten with you, in no particular order…

10. Buzz is better than Wave! (that was easy)
There are many people raving about Google Buzz. I am not in love with it but have made some adjustments to better use it. To make Buzz a more enjoyable experience I removed my Twitter sync, turned off notifications in gmail, and kept the people I follow to a minimum. Come with Buzz with me.

9. Dailybooth pics on Facebok
Dailybooth is a photo sharing social media platform. What I have noticed is I rarely get responses directly on the Dailybooth site. I started posting my Dailybooth pics on Facebook and it has been more effective. If you ever get sick of playing fishville and want to venture out; come play on another social media platform besides the typical ones and add me on Dailybooth. Some other affiliate marketers you may know on Dailybooth are @mikebuechele @affiliatetip @trishalyn.



8. What is snow?
I guess I can’t call myself a New Yorker. So many of my friends are complaining about the snow to me. I am sorry that I have been in tropical warm places for the past couple months. Please do not hate on me because I don’t understand the true meaning of winter. I will be back next week to see what everyone has been talking about. Thankfully I have tips that will help me from two New Yorkers…

Mike Buechele Smashes the Snow

@MikeBuechele Smashes the Snow

Shawn Collins shovels it away..

@affiliatetip shovels it away..

7. ABW Best of 2009 Awards
The yearly ABW awards are always interesting. I have been lucky enough to be nominated a couple times. What I like about these awards is that they are very hands-on. Not only can you nominate but you also vote for the winners. My favourite part of the awards last year was the addition of the best tweet award. This was my nominee I can’t imagine how they did not win: Maybe people did not vote so this time around go vote you have until this Friday.

6. Just Do It, Affiliate Summit Challenge 2010
You know Missy Ward walks and runs for boobies. Now you can be a part of it with this new Nike+ Challenge. This is a great cause and also a good way to stay in shape. I like how Shawn and Missy made this competitive and fun for the participants. If you partake they will donate $1 to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade for each mile run (up to $5,000).

5. CO Senator Brophy backs up Affiliate Marketers in a powerful way!
Please take a couple minutes to watch this video. He shares some great examples as to why the advertising tax is harmful for small businesses. Thank God there are some people like this Senator that get it! If you want to thank him add him on Twitter @SenatorBrophy.

4. How Social Media is Affecting Search and Affiliate Marketing
I have put together a panel of entrepreneurs for SES NYC. Since this is a Search Conference I wanted to tie what is going on in the search engines and the world around me (us). Panel submissions closed this Monday and I am hoping that ours gets chosen. I think it is a relevant topic and look forward to discussing it.

3. Live Stream of the Colorado Advertising Tax hearing
It didn’t matter where we were in the world, we lived that hearing together. I felt like I was a part of history. We were all listening full of interest, passion, and suspense. We were truly defending what belongs to us, the right to be affiliate marketers.

Jen and Jeannine :)

Jen and Jeannine :)

Jen Goode and Jeannine Crooks shined. There were many affiliate marketers that stood up for themselves in the Colorado fight. Over 100+ people showed up to the hearing. The ladies that outlasted and spent countless hours I would like to thank are these two. If you are in another state going through this take it from them one person can make a difference! Thank you for what you did! Check out some reactions from other Affiliate Marketers.

2. Add the Awareness Badge on your site
Joel Garcia from GTO Management created what we like to call the Awareness Badge. I have it on the right hand side of my blog here. You can place it on your blog or site to show your opposition to the advertising tax. I encourage you to add one to your site today and show your opposition. Find the one that fits best on your site here are different available sizes.

1. Taking the Fight Against the Advertising Tax Up a Notch!
It is very important to me that we beat the advertising tax. As of late, it has started coming up in numerous states. This is why I have decided that I am taking the next couple weeks to focus on the advertising tax. For up-to-date news follow the new hashtag on Twitter #noadtax. If you have questions about the advertising tax and your state please feel free to post in the comments or ping me.

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